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COVID-19 Stimulus info from the NTAA

A run down on what is available to date.

COVID-19 – The Government’s economic stimulus packages explained

Details of the stimulus package measures that realte to superannuation.

What makes an accountant a trusted advisor?

Something to consider: Business owners who meet with their accountants monthly tend to view them as their most trusted advisors, consulting with them for business advice more often than family, friends, and even their lawyers.

Is AI going to benefit HR in future?

If you know what type of positions to advertise for you’ll empower your company to become more effective in the long run.

How to get (useful) customer feedback in 4 steps

Once you have your feedback organized, you’ll have a goldmine of ideas for improving every facet of your products and customer experience.

How can Entrepreneurs be more confident at work

Self-confidence is your biggest weapon and tool when it comes to entrepreneurship or a startup. Wear it proudly!

6 funding options for start-ups

There are many ways to get funding for your business.

The complete, 12-step guide to starting a business

Everything you need to know about how to start a business.

How accountants can contribute to sustainability

A look into how and what sustainable businesses look like

3 important leadership lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King was a visionary. He was a man who had a dream bigger than the times in which he lived.

If you’re struggling with strategy, focus on the three market disciplines

There are situations in which you value the best-of-the-best.

How to make your early stage business run more efficiently

Inefficient processes exist at nearly every company, regardless of size or turnover.

5 quick tips for improving productivity at work in 2020

Emails. Phone calls. Meetings.

Creating the ideal workplace environment

By investing in enterprise management systems and intelligent apps, buildings can become more than just a workplace

7 mental and physical steps for a successful job interview

Tips and tricks for your interview

10 ways to prepare your business for 2020

2020 holds numerous victories for your business.

8 tips on taking care of yourself during this busy season

Pick a thing from your personal to-do list and accomplish it, it helps a lot.

Is the idea of “brand” constant or evolving?

I have some of my own ideas about this, but I polled some of my smart friends and they came through for me with some great perspectives. Let’s get into this fascinating debate.

11 tips for planning the best Christmas work party

Every good party needs some core elements to be a success

The importance of mindfulness and self-care in the workplace

The insights from these discussions will help our teams manage workplace stress, better support one another, and encourage individuals to prioritize their own personal wellbeing

Impolite emails

If you discover that the customer didn’t complain about a specific thing but instead was ranting about nothing in particular, that could be a ticket to the bin.

How to enhance employee productivity

Staying diligent, no matter what includes taking time to implement these small measures.

How the best Entrepreneurs tackle complicated situations

Chase your goals, have self confidence

Read our tips on gaining self-confidence, so you can achieve the dreams and goals you have created.

7 ways to manage the wellbeing of your employee

A leader plays an active role in the realisation of set goals and objectives

Recovery equals success and resilience.

Stress makes us stronger, and rest makes us last for longer

How to write a welcome email to new employees?

Radiating warmth and friendliness will help your new employee feel relaxed and excited to start working.

How to create an effective review workflow

Always remember to address the root cause of the problem; stop beating around the bush

Everything you need to know about finances for your startup

You’re just starting out, which means you need money. And quickly. Trust me, as a former small business owner, I get it.

6 steps to grow your small business with cold email

Your subject line is crucial if you want your emails to be opened & read by your prospects.

Why is gaining confidence so hard?

6 Steps to sell out your next event using Facebook Ads

It usually takes several touchpoints for anyone to decide to purchase, so we need to hit potential customers from different angles.

Workplace vs. New Generations

When trying to find ways to engage new generation workers, consider these two thoughts; first, are millennials, and the older generation needs different?

Small Business making big financial decisions- here’s how!

Nobody can act you more than you! If you would be making huge financial decisions, you might have to consider several factors- both personal and financial.

Building a Business: Be your own customer.

The best way to stay in tune with your customers is to understand your customer; a way to do that is by being your own customer.

Survive the upcoming Conference season with these hacks

Because we all know any conference day is a long one.

Perhaps your company’s branding strategy is YOU.

You can become famous through luck. But becoming known and a trusted a personal brand requires consistent work over many months, and perhaps even years.

Website Security: How to keep your website safe in 2019

No matter how strong your passwords are, chances are that sooner or later they can be breached.

7 actionable ways to turn stress into success

Stress is an unavoidable consequence of our everyday work lives. There are going to be times where we’re going to deal with it, and there are going to be times where all it seems like it’s doing is piling up and finding its way into our personal lives.

Strategies, Plans and Commitment

The most easily executed strategic plans are no more than 2 pages long

Is it a business debt or personal debt, or both?

One of the most common issues seen when businesspeople find themselves in trouble with debt, is that they don’t actually know what they might actually be liable for.

Boost your potential with these accounting certifications

Having a certification would not only give you an edge in the accounting labour market, but it would also increase your earning capacity.

Getting creative to reach the unreachable customer

In the early days of media, you had a daily newspaper, three network television stations, and some magazines.

Empathy: 4 things to remember

Being able to see the world from others point of view is such a beautiful talent- don’t waste it.

Lost in Translation

On average, business people receive about 90 emails each day and send about 40

How to run a carbon neutral business

Your small business can make a big carbon-cutting impact! The 6 steps to running a carbon neutral business and why it’s the must-make business move of 2019 – all explained here

5 things social media posts have in common

Not everyone understands how to appropriate the use of social media when it comes to marketing.

How to get new accounting clients

A fifth of small businesses don’t have an accountant. As they grow, they’ll eventually want to get one. So how do you welcome those fresh young businesses into your practice?

Creating an accounting newsletter that works

Email has been around since the ‘70s but it’s still our favourite form of online communication. Because of that, email newsletters are a great marketing tool and offer some of the best returns on investment in the industry. So how do you do it well?

Doing it differently, keeping accounting simple

Bruce Earle’s clients might not recognise the beanie wearing, craft-beer drinking, fan of “the Boss” (singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen) outside of work days at his accounting practice. But Bruce has always been one do things a bit differently.

Dealing with abusive emails

This article will be focused on how users can deal with cases of abusive emails.

Brand yourself

Instead of waiting for marketing agencies to do the work, it is time for companies to start branding themselves.

What is an audit report and what are the types?

An audit report could be either summarized or lengthy.

The three forms of business activities in accounting

The three major forms of business activities are financing, investing and operating.

8 Funny and relatable experiences that all entrepreneurs go through

The same things happen to everyone in different ways.

The nine most important things I have learned about investing over the past 35 years

My nine most important lessons from investing over the past 35 years are that: there is always a cycle; the crowd gets it wrong at extremes; what you pay for an investment matters a lot; getting markets right is not as easy as you think; investment markets don’t learn; compound interest applied to investments is like magic; it pays to be optimistic; keep it simple; and you need to know yourself to succeed at investing.

The first accountant to use Xero Tax talks stress-busting and time-saving this EOFY

Over 5,000 firms rely on Xero Tax to lodge their tax returns

Answer These 7 Questions Before Starting Your Side Business

Take stock of the assets you have and create a realistic plan to define your purpose, gather resources and develop market insights.

How firms of any size can innovate

From small to large, accounting practices of all types can be effectively thinking ahead.

Helping small business through the succession planning process

A good succession plan can secure a business owner’s legacy, and their retirement. Why not help your clients come up with one? It could be one of the most important and enduring things you do for them. Here’s how to get the process started.

Accounting strategy emerges out of the wilderness

Jason Blumer realised his creative talent would be curbed if he stuck to the traditional ways of running an accounting business. So when he was let loose to manage his father’s firm, he started experimenting and having fun.

What you can learn from an unhappy client

When a customer complains about your product, ask yourself first whether they have a point.

How to sound a little more human in a live chat

It is essential to create a great first impression.

Cash flow forecasting for Accountants

Cash Flow is what makes businesses live

What tax firms need to know now about technology

More than anything, companies must prepare their employees to be deeply knowledgeable but broadly adaptable.

6 conference tips for business-people

This blog article will help suggest a few things that you can do to make conferencing less of a hassle for business owners.

4 ways to protect your data from the dark web

It’s not just personal data that are in jeopardy.

Writing better emails

Imagine that any email you send was given to every employee at your company. If this thought makes you nervous, and it isn't due to privacy laws, you may need to reevaluate your message.

Leadership techniques that build unstoppable teams

Understanding and articulating your company’s “why” is fundamentally important, but the “how” behind how you and your team execute drives your organization’s culture and ultimately, it's brand.

Challenges and problems of the modern business managers

The resources of every organisation includes among other things, physical, financial, time, information as well as human.

How to start a bookkeeping business

If you've ever thought of starting a bookkeeping business, now's the time. There are fewer barriers to entry than ever. Read our seven tips on how to get started.

Why a Web App is important for your business

A web app puts you out to the world, gives you a platform, brings traffic to your site.

A nudge in the right direction: how our brains have evolved, and what we need to do about it

As a member of the learning and development industry, I am bombarded with research, insights, event invites, and models almost daily

Why planning is important

Planning is simply a process that involves shaping a course of action that is to be done at a later date.

Want to create an effective budget? Here are 10 tips for you

On the list of crucial things that determine if a small scale business will stay relevant or fold up within a short while, money is right on the top.

The 5 reasons you should hire a external expert

Ever heard the quote by David Allen, who says “You can do anything, but not everything.”

Benefits of advertising on YouTube

The Internet has made it very easy for a business to make its goods and services reach more and more people all over the world.

9 steps to an awesome invoicing process

You need billing to be fast and accurate.

What is depreciation and why should I care?

Depreciation affects your bottom line, your tax bill, and the value of your business. Those are three good reasons to learn what depreciation is and how it works. Here are the basics.

Understanding debits and credits in Accounting

Debits and credits are one of those fundamental concepts in accounting..

The bright future of online banking

Technology has facilitated all aspects of life

The importance of 'positioning' your brand when you're just starting out

"Positioning" is a term that gets thrown around a lot but can often be confused with other marketing activities.

Before you launch your business, make sure you have a safety net. Here are 13

All entrepreneurs need a parachute.

Time Management 101

You understand the phrase, “Time is money” better when you are in the labour market.

How much does your employee really cost?

Do you know that the wages you pay your employee is not all that your employee costs?

Why you should advertise on Facebook

Facebook started in 2005 as a small networking site at Harvard University.

Tax Season: 4 ways to make tax season less painful.

Tax Day is just right around the corner

Why real-time business intelligence needs automated bookkeeping

What is really happening in the life of our small business?

These 5 body language secrets could put you on the road to a million dollars

There’s a reason “The Room Where It Happens” is one of Broadway hit Hamilton’s standout songs: the track’s theme -- longing to be included among key decision-makers in the place in which decisions are made -- is timeless.

How to use strategic partnerships for more explosive growth

If it’s going to survive, a startup needs to grow.

A new bank feeds process – simpler, faster, and more secure

Bank feeds are a core component of Xero, giving you an up to date view of your cash position so you know how your business is performing.

The Accounting Business Expo 2019: Your roadmap for moving down the advisory path

As part of the Beautiful Business Talks hosted by Xero at this year’s Accounting Business Expo, I was given the opportunity to present on how accountants and bookkeepers can provide advisory services to their clients.

Read this to help you become a better business leader

TIP: All leaders that are good need to focus on days to come. You have to know what's next and how to prepare for it.

Make it a point to look for hidden talent in your teammates. It should be easy to determine who benefits you the most, when you are looking for helpers.

Encouraging new ideas and innovation in the workplace

In today’s competitive environment, businesses can survive and thrive when managers or owners implement measures that encourage their employees to share new ideas and innovations to improve the workplace. As a temp administrative assistant, I have observed many innovations that work - and don't work- on the job.

Sorry - you're too expensive

At the end of the day you get what you pay for

Is your lap-dancer an employee or a contractor?

What does the future look like for contractors?

Why is SEO crucial to surviving online?

The concept of search engine optimisation (SEO) is literally everywhere. It is so important now, and every webmaster needs its knowledge, so content marketing is as effective as it is supposed to be.

Tips and Tricks on How to Gain Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to businesses and the publicity they involve, losing one customer can cause a chain reaction that makes you lose several other customers; existing and potential.

What Is All The Hype About SSL Certificates?

Ever heard about SSL Certificates?

You probably have.