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With the spotlight on agribusiness and food technology sectors, we’re leading the conversation about the life cycle of innovative ideas.

Presented by Senior Associate Jonathan Lucas and Catalyst Ltd Director, Janes Lancaster, this video highlights how to develop products and services with a long term vision, ensuring sustainable success.

Video highlights:

  • Plan for challenges your product or service could face
  • Capture and exploit your intellectual property
  • Turn business cost into business opportunity
  • Combine customer value with innovation and product stewardship. 

Meet the facilitators

Jane Lancaster, Director, Catalyst Ltd

Jane is a founding partner of Catalyst® Ltd. She has worked with many New Zealand companies and sectors in setting commercial goals in food, natural products and biotechnology and designing innovation programmes to deliver on them.

Jon Lucas, Senior Attorney, James & Wells

As a Registered Patent Attorney in both NZ and Australia, Jonathan crafts intellectual property strategies and commercialisation structures for technology companies.