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Blessed Lotus is a women’s apparel company focusing on fashion forward casual and resort wear. DeAnne founded Blessed Lotus on the principles of social entrepreneurship. Blessed Lotus’ purpose, beyond providing chic clothing to modern women, is to financially support the mission of bringing education to impoverished and oppressed children around the world. The sales of Blessed Lotus apparel fund Rippled Purpose, a 501(c)(3) designated charitable organisation.

Before Receipt Bank, dealing with my expenses was horrific! I was used to having someone handle them for me when I worked for a media company in New York. Starting out on my own meant I was squirrelling away my receipts in all sorts of places!

After two years of business, I was in receipt chaos. Nearing my breaking point, I ended up having an intern spend three full days organising the jumble of receipts I had amassed! That is when one of my business advisors remarked “There has to be an app for that!” And there was! Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank is a huge time saver for me. I rarely have enough time to sit down and work on my receipts. Receipt Bank takes away much of the hassle and makes everything easier to organise. Now I just send an email or take a photo with my mobile phone and like magic – they are there in Receipt Bank with the data extracted.

Receipt Bank has helped me save time and money when running my business. Both of those savings allow me to give more to support oppressed and impoverished children!

DeAnne Bennett is the founder and CEO of Blessed Lotus. She uses Receipt Bank and Xero as software solutions to help manage her business financial accounts via the cloud.


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